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Second Floor Options For Your Post Frame Building


Adaptable and versatile, modern post frame buildings are suitable for nearly all agricultural, equestrian, retail, retail, or civic purposes. Economical and practical, post frame buildings provide uninterrupted interior space that allows for large equipment and vehicles, plenty of storage, and ample workspace. Let’s look at second floor options for your post frame building.

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Post Frame Building Exterior Options

Post frame building showing exterior roofing and siding options.

Your new or refurbished post frame building can be whatever you want it to be. Since post frame buildings are versatile and appropriate for almost any application, the design options for your structure are endless. Your building can complement the nearby architecture, create an inviting environment, or make just about any exterior statement you wish. Let’s look at post frame building exterior options.

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Common Post Frame Oversights and Solutions 


When properly designed and built, post frame buildings are the perfect solution for many uses. Due to their simplicity and economic benefits, post frame buildings are ideal for agricultural, civic, industrial, commercial, and suburban buildings. Here are common post frame oversights and how to solve them.

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