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Cost-Effective Post Frame Building Considerations

Cost effective post frame building with custom barn slider doors.

Post frame construction is the most cost-effective, least labor-intensive way to create the best possible agricultural, equestrian, civic, or commercial building. By design, post frame buildings use fewer materials and more straightforward site prep. This often results in a shorter time to completion than traditional construction methods.

Additionally, well-built post frame buildings are durable and can withstand high wind forces and severe weather better than many other building types. In this post, we look at what considerations make a post frame design cost-effective while still achieving the desired results and the right amount of space.

Site Selection and Preparation

Choosing the most efficient site involves several considerations. While identifying a footprint that demands the least amount of site prep work may save money, building owners should also ensure the location is the most efficient for future use. Ease of access is essential for vehicles and heavy machinery. Therefore, positioning for minimal maneuvering is an important consideration. Also, keep in mind the cost of preparing the approach, especially if paving will be necessary.

Length and Width Considerations

The next critical step is to calculate the desired square footage necessary to meet every need, now and in the future.

Assuming the proposed location and potential footprint are not restricted by lot lines or other structures, your post frame design expert should be able to help define the shape and dimensions that will be the most efficient to design and erect.

For example, an extra-wide post frame building can add substantial expense. This is because of the additional reinforcement required to support the extended width and weight. Reinforcement is particularly critical in regions where there is heavy snow.

Moderately rectangular structures or even square ones often do not demand additional reinforcing materials. Therefore, they will likely cost less to build.

Post Frame Height

Taller buildings are far more vulnerable to high winds and other stresses than shorter structures. Regardless of the building method, additional support materials will be necessary to maintain the vertical integrity of the building.

When a post frame building design approaches a height of 16 feet, designers must add reinforcement to the vertical columns. While the additional support helps the building withstand severe conditions, this activity means more labor and materials and higher costs.

Keeping the building height at or below sixteen feet is often the most economical approach.

Aesthetic Features

Non-essential overhangs, gables, alcoves, and other architectural features can add considerable cost. In many cases, aesthetic features can be added later on. Consider a more basic design in the beginning if you are looking to build the most cost-effective post frame building.
Work with a Professional Post Frame Designer

Given the owner’s expectations, budget, and target square footage, a professional post frame designer can create a design that will perform all functions while minimizing the cost.

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings of North Webster, Indiana, is a premier supplier, designer, and builder of high-quality post frame buildings. For over four decades, the professionals at Pacemaker have satisfied their clients with sensible and economical post frame buildings that will stand a lifetime.

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What Costs are Associated with Post Frame Construction?

Post frame construction costs

High-quality post frame construction continues to grow in popularity for commercial and agricultural use. The versatility of these structures, superior durability, flexibility, and economy make them the ideal choice for nearly every purpose. Let’s look at the costs associated with post frame construction.

Often having a shorter total time from design to completion, post frame buildings are a popular choice. They also have reduced site prep time, less labor, and use fewer materials, thus making them the most economical option.

But besides the project’s pre-calculated material and labor costs, what are some cost components that may be overlooked in building a beautiful, highly functional post frame building?

Starting from the Ground Up, Literally

Individuals constructing for agricultural purposes, like a barn or equestrian facility, may already own the real estate where the building will be placed. However, in some instances, people or businesses may purchase new land for their buildings to be used for commercial or other reasons. In either instance, property owners should check with the local governing authority to ensure the proposed construction is acceptable. The local agency will advise about required setbacks, architectural limitations, and more before the project begins.

Permits and Approvals

As the post frame construction plan takes shape, more “red tape” and permits can be involved. These may include site and building permits, as well as authorizations for electric, gas, sewer, and water. These permits can add up to hundreds of dollars depending on the location.

Utility Costs

While utility access is essential for long-term operations, having these available during construction might also be crucial. Connecting water, electricity, gas, and sewer is usually necessary and may cost extra. If water and sewer are unavailable, building owners may need to dig a well and add a septic tank, which can run into thousands of dollars.


Access to the building will depend on where the building will sit and the distance from an existing road or driveway. During the design phase, positioning the structure for easy access and maneuverability should be a primary consideration. Strategic placement can reduce the cost of driveway paving or gravel needed.

Site Preparation

The typical post frame structure demands less site preparation than most other building types. The usual requirement is for the structure’s footprint to be clear and level with some accommodation for drainage. The cost to prepare depends on various factors. Consider rocky conditions, the number of trees to remove, the slope of the existing property, and more. Owners should secure a bid from the excavator to avoid surprises.

Construction Surprises and Materials Disruptions

Working with a proven, dependable post frame company minimizes the potential for unexpected delays. Full-service companies like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings supply the components while also performing the design and construction. This means they are much more likely to meet timelines.

Choose a Proven, Reputable Post Frame Building Supplier

Owners of new post frame buildings can avoid unexpected costs and delays by working with a longstanding professional post frame company.

Pacemaker Post Frame Builders of North Webster, Indiana, has been a leader in the post frame industry for over four decades. They can help with the design, component supply, and construction process. Specializing in state-of-the-art agricultural and commercial buildings, Pacemaker builds beautiful and durable structures for satisfied customers throughout Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Northwest Ohio.

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Considerations When Hiring a Post Frame Building Contractor

Post Frame Building Contractor

Identifying a proven, reliable contractor at the outset of any construction project is essential. After all, staying within budget, avoiding delays, and having ongoing communication are vital elements of a successful project. This is why having a secure and trusted contractor-client relationship is key. Here are some considerations when hiring a post frame building contractor.

While post frame construction requires fewer materials and labor and generally lower costs, specific considerations are essential when identifying and working with a contractor.

Once you select a post frame building contractor, developing an agreement that covers your needs is essential. Below are some crucial considerations to keep in mind.

Important Elements of Your Post Frame Contractor Relationship

Reliability and Reputation

A proven post frame material supplier and contractor should have years of experience. They should also have a positive reputation for completing projects on time and within budget. Do your research to ensure that the company has excellent planning, artisanship, and professionalism. Look online for reviews and feedback from previous clients.

A company like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings of North Webster, Indiana, has been producing high-quality, state-of-the-art post frame buildings for nearly a half-century. They have proven their expertise and reliability many times over, and have reviews to prove it.


As a customer, getting what you want at the amount you budgeted for is vital to the building process. Your contractor should be able to provide a detailed explanation of the quality of materials, the labor, flexibility, time-to-completion,  site prep, permits, and all other relevant components. Ensure that the supplier can provide each element clearly in writing to the client.


A responsible post frame contractor will always be licensed, bonded, and insured for any contingency.

Most importantly, insurance coverage must be in place to protect against the unexpected. After all, any situation that may cause the contractor to walk away can leave the customer with a hefty financial loss and no building.

Thus, clients should always secure a copy of the contractor’s liability insurance policy. This will show which contingencies are covered before beginning the project.

Benefits of a Full-Service Contractor

Clients need to understand where the materials will come from and who will perform the job. A full-service post frame company like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings manufactures all essential post frame components using precise specifications in their own plant. They also employ experienced building personnel to construct each building. Ultimately, the entire building process is handled by the same team.

Sometimes “skeleton” companies make proposals, purchase components from various lumberyards and vendors, then subcontract the entire building process. These scenarios tend to blur the lines of communication and accountability. This can often leave the prospective owner unsure of the outcome.

Establishing Reliable Time Frames

A proven, experienced post frame contractor knows how long each phase of the process should take. Avoid a company that works around subcontractor schedules. Instead, choose one that will ensure the right workers and materials will be on hand to complete the project on schedule.

The contract should provide a clear, detailed review of the timing of each part of the project. Any time target modifications can be made before work begins rather than after the project is well underway.

Policies Regarding Change Orders

While changes requested by the customer during the construction process can be expensive and somewhat disruptive to the original plan, they do occur. Clients should make sure that a Change Order Policy is written into the contract. This will allow for some flexibility at each stage if necessary.

Getting all plan elements set at the outset is the most efficient way to proceed. Your post frame contractor should offer suggestions during the planning process that will best meet your needs and make subsequent changes less likely.

Work with Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings

For decades, satisfied customers in Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Northwestern Ohio have benefitted substantially by working with Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings for their agricultural, commercial, civic, equestrian, and suburban structures.

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