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Post Frame Foundations: Concrete Considerations


Some post frame buildings require concrete foundations or floors. However, stables and many barns don’t need a complete concrete finish. But in many other instances, like vehicle repair and storage, workshops, or retail space, a solid concrete foundation is essential. Here’s what to know about post frame foundations, concrete considerations.

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When to Build Your Post Frame Building

When to build your post frame building.

While it is always nice to choose when exactly to build your post frame building, sometimes the need outstrips any seasonal conveniences.

However, there are certain times of the year that are more comfortable to be outside – when it is nicer to complete a construction project. The key is to anticipate your needs and contact a post frame construction professional in advance to schedule the time that works best for you. To help you out with planning, below are some considerations.

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Open-Side Post Frame Building Benefits


Open-Side-Post-Frame-Building-with heavy equipment inside.Not all buildings require four enclosed sides to be effective. It may seem strange, but sometimes a single open side on your new post frame building makes a lot of sense. Open-side post frame building benefits are many. For one, it makes the contents of the building far more accessible while still protecting the interior from rain and snow.

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