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Lighting Options for Your Post Frame Building

Lighting options for your post frame building.Whether you are building a commercial, agricultural, or other post frame building, lighting plays an essential role in the functionality. It can also affect the safety of your new structure. Let’s explore lighting options for your post frame building.

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Drainage Options for Post Frame Buildings

Drainage options for Post Frame buildings.

Drainage options for post frame buildings. Eliminating the potential for water accumulation anywhere within or around your post frame building is critical. Water can weaken the structural components of the building, and damage whatever is inside. Not to mention it can foster the growth of mold and other problems that can become difficult to eradicate.

Whether on the surface or in the subsurface, the excess water without proper drainage is a sure sign of a design or construction failure.

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Building a Post Frame Building on an Existing Foundation 


Some farm and home owners find themselves faced with the prospect of what to do with a large concrete slab. Often this is all that remains from an old structure or left in place from a defunct basketball or tennis court. Consider building a post frame building on an existing foundation.

In other instances, property owners may be thinking about demolishing a dilapidated structure that is seated on a sound concrete foundation.  And replacing the old building with a new multi-purpose post frame structure.

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