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Phase Building Your Post Frame Structure Allows for Easy Expansion


Sometimes our initial ideas and projections turn into something much bigger. This problem often arises as planning begins on post frame buildings. Whether your building is designed to maintain and service farm equipment, a fully equipped metal or wood shop, or is used to restore and house antique cars and trucks, your needs can quickly grow beyond your initial idea. Consider the idea of phase building your post frame structure.

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7 Tips to Save Money on Your Post Frame Building


Modern post frame structures are all about functionality and durability. This simplified and economical building method offers superior technology for agricultural, municipal, commercial, and even suburban buildings. In every region, owners now have post frame structures that precisely fit their needs and budgets. To make your beautiful post frame building even more economical than it already is, consider these 7 tips to save money on your post frame building.

Save Money on Your Post Frame Building

First of all, post frame buildings are already a more economical option than standard buildings. This is because they offer superior value by requiring:

  • Less material
  • Lower labor costs with fewer specialized laborers
  • Shortened time from design to finish
  • Simpler site preparation

Additional Cost-Saving Ideas

1. Column Spacing

During the design phase of your post frame structure, you can optimize the spacing of the load-bearing columns or posts. To do this calculate the maximum weight that these posts will need to support. Heavier loads mean more posts and closer spacing. Posts are typically spaced between 6 and 10 feet apart. Trusses naturally are spaced in the same way. Therefore, fewer, more widely spaced posts and trusses will result in a lower cost.

2. Wainscoting

Agricultural equipment, mowers, accumulating snow, and even animals can damage the lower parts of your exterior siding. Reinforcing these areas with protective masonry wainscoting can maintain integrity and add aesthetic beauty to the overall structure. This will help you save money on repairs in the coming years.

3. Horizontal Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most efficient opening space for the money invested. With today’s modern design this type of door provides wider openings with stronger and lighter door panels than in the past.

4. Natural Lighting

Having windows or window-like panels will also save energy. If you design the building with clear or translucent panels beneath the eaves, you will increase the building’s illumination without having to add more artificial lighting.  Also, where possible, add plenty of windows.

5. Insulation

A durable moisture barrier or membrane will keep energy costs down by conserving energy to cool or heat for comfort. A long-lasting moisture barrier will lengthen the useful life of your building. This prevents condensation buildup that can erode the integrity of the components.

6. Use the Best Materials

Investing in high-quality materials will ensure the durability and longevity of your structure. Adequately manufactured and pretreated materials will last longer, look better, and cost you less in the long run. You will also have fewer repairs.

7. Plan with a Proven Post Frame Company

A professional post frame company can help with your design and source materials. A company like this has witnessed just about every mistake and success possible in the post frame business. Allow the experts to advise on the best designs and strategies that deliver a long-lasting, highly functional, and beautiful building that will serve your needs for decades. Proper planning can often save money and eliminate headaches that some have experienced by making poor choices for their post frame building.

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The experts at Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings have experience in all phases of design, supply, and construction for high-quality, low-cost post frame buildings. For over four decades, Pacemaker has served thousands of clients throughout Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Northwest Ohio out of their North Webster, Indiana, headquarters. The Pacemaker Team consists of a full range of building specialists adept at handling every phase of post frame construction.

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Mezzanine and Storage Options for Your Post Frame Building


As you enter a newly completed post frame building, whether it is a barn, workshop, storage facility, or other unique building, you will recognize the massive volume of unobstructed space. Consider storage options for your post frame building. Unlike other types of building, post frame structures utilize no load-bearing interior columns within that can obstruct movement. This aspect happens to be one of the differentiating elements of a post-frame building, one that allows large vehicles and equipment to maneuver easily.

You will also note there is ample space above as well. Space that often goes unused. However, some building owners will choose to use the area above as a second floor or a mezzanine for additional storage, office, workspace, or even as a mancave.

Storage Options for Your Post Frame Building

The second level of your post frame building will likely complement the general purpose of your building. As we know, space can fill up fast. And storage always seems to be at a premium. A barn or equestrian center will require extra storage space for seasonal tools and accessories, feed, tack, and other supplies. In contrast, workshops and mechanical repair structures demand extra space for tools, parts, tires, oil, and more.

Additionally, an office or comfortable climate-controlled room can be a practical asset in any post frame building.

Adding a Mezzanine

Building an upper-level mezzanine space can be an excellent choice. With this, you achieve the objective of adding floor space without having to use up the entire upper volume of the building. Taller equipment can still be stored on the side opposite the mezzanine.  The space below the new mezzanine floor can still be used for storing smaller, lower profile items.

Your mezzanine area can be customized to suit your needs and can be left open or kept enclosed to provide a climate-controlled room. Adding some windows to the outside or the inside, if you prefer it, can help add light and air. You can also add windows looking out from an enclosed room to be able to view your building’s interior from a higher vantage point.

Always Consult a Design Engineer First

When you are in the process of designing a new post frame building, it is recommended that you plan for an upper level. Even if you do not intend to finish it at the outset. As we frequently find, the need for additional space inevitably pops up. The support systems can be built to accommodate the extra weight while specially designed trusses can optimize the upstairs headroom.

If you are thinking of adding a second level to an existing post frame building, consult a qualified design engineer first. Therefore ensuring that the structure will support the additional burden. The weight of another level and its contents could create too much stress to the vertical support system and footers. Thus can make the overall structure unstable.

Also, to comply with local building codes, you may need to plan an additional point of egress. Always check your local building codes before proceeding.

Contact Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings

Adding a second floor, mezzanine or storage option to your post frame building or barn can be a great addition. Done right, you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

Serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan for over four decades, the experts at Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings will help you with your second-floor addition or any other post frame construction.  Pacemaker is a premium supplier, designer, and builder of versatile and long-lasting post frame structures. Ideally used for agricultural, commercial, civic, institutional, and equestrian buildings.

To learn more about adding an upper level to your post frame building, contact the experts at Pacemaker at 888.835.4448.