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How to Choose the Size of Your Post Frame Building


Determining how large your new post frame structure should be will depend on several different factors. The principal considerations will be the use of the building and what available land space you have to build on. These factors will help you choose the size of your post frame building.

For example, a warehouse or fire station will likely call for larger space needs than a workshop or typical horse barn.

Below are the main variables you will need to factor into your space calculations when planning for the size of your post frame building.

Primary Function and Space Requirements

How much space will you need to achieve the results you want?

Even with the most careful calculations, often you will wish for more space in a few year’s time. During the planning phase, you should take an approach that allows for growth and expansion of your current needs.

Ensure that your plans will still fit within the limits of your budget and available space. It may be that you move the original placement to allow for an extension to be added later, rather than building larger now.


What will the structure be used for?

If the structure will be used for housing motor vehicles and large equipment, you want to ensure you calculate enough floor space. The building needs to allow for easy maneuvering while also making sure you provide ample height and entryways for access.

Similarly, if horses, tack, and equipment are to be housed within your post frame structure, you must ensure you have enough space for the appropriate number of stalls. Note that a standard horse stall is 144 sq. ft. or 12ft x 12ft. You will also require additional floor space for a tack room, storage, and wide aisleways that allow for easy movement.

With storage and warehouse facilities, the vertical and horizontal space will depend on the volume of product that is managed. You will need to consider space for inventory dimensions, racking, forklifts, handling equipment, staging areas, dock space, and offices. You may also want to include space for a break room and kitchenette.

Every post frame building calls for different requirements depending on its primary use. Post frame building designs for schools, civic buildings, barns, workshops, and residences will all depend on the unique needs and requirements of each.

Available Space and Placement

Knowing how much space you need and how much you can afford is only half of the planning process. As you are calculating your optimal post frame building size, you must scrutinize your available space in detail. Does your site accommodate the footprint of your desired structure, including access, easements, and local code compliance? If you will be moving large equipment and vehicles, is there enough space for easy maneuvering?

Building placement is critical. The first requirement will be that the land can be leveled. This may be an additional cost depending on your property. Room to maneuver to the access point comfortably is also essential.

Expansion is Simpler with a Post Frame Building

If you will have sufficient land available, you could consider future expansion. This is great if you expect your business to grow, but your current budget limits the size of the current building. You should develop a blueprint that will allow for future expansion in phases. Post frame construction with its widely spaced vertical supports, is perfect as it allows for easier modifications. When the time is right, you can add to your existing building by opening the wall to your existing space.

Consider building the shell of the entire structure but only adding the finishing touches on the part that you need immediately.

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Why Post Frame Buildings Stand Up to the Test of Time

Post Frame building standing the test of time with rainbow in the sky.

Post frame buildings are durable, practical, and economical. Whether you are planning a rural structure like a barn, shed, or equestrian center or an urban construction for a firehouse, vehicle garage, retail establishment, or warehouse, post frame buildings provide long-lasting reliable service.

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Phase Building Your Post Frame Structure Allows for Easy Expansion


Sometimes our initial ideas and projections turn into something much bigger. This problem often arises as planning begins on post frame buildings. Whether your building is designed to maintain and service farm equipment, a fully equipped metal or wood shop, or is used to restore and house antique cars and trucks, your needs can quickly grow beyond your initial idea. Consider the idea of phase building your post frame structure.

Or, you may have already calculated precisely how much space you will eventually require. Unfortunately, during this process, you realize you cannot afford to have the entire job completed at once. In these instances, phase building may be the best option for your project.

Post frame construction is great for phase building as it offers the greatest flexibility for future expansion. This is due to the vertical beams being widely spaced at 6-10 feet. Therefore removing parts of the wall to create new space is easily accomplished compared to conventional construction methods.

Phase Building Your Post Frame Structure


When designing a building to house your vision, you will need a plan that will allow for straightforward, compatible upgrades, and expansion.

Your initial plan should address the capacity you believe you will need in the future. Building too small at the beginning can be frustrating. But having no room to expand can be much worse.

Considering Lot Placement

Proper planning to expand without obstructions or other problems will make growth more efficient and affordable.

Note that where you locate “Phase 1” of your building can impact future expansion. If vehicles or large equipment will be involved, placement for accessibility is essential in the planning. Leave enough space for your add-on, plus sufficient maneuvering room for your vehicles.

Ensure that all possible phases are on the initial plan, this will be essential for building future phases. You can even build phases 1 and 2 on opposite sides of the lot and connect them later, as long as it’s planned out.

Build It Now; Finish It Later

If your budget is the main limiting factor, and you require the extra space for storage initially, you could build the entire shell but partition a finished section from the rest with an overhead door or two. This will allow you to expand your workshop when you have the funding. You can perform the entire site preparation, and construct the entire outer shell.

Then you can put the finishing touches on the part of the building you will use immediately. This includes the electricity and plumbing work for the needed work area.

Later, when you are ready, and the funding is available, you can finish the incomplete part of the building with plumbing and electrical work. During this completion phase, you can consider completing the insulation and adding the HVAC, walls, and ceiling finishes as well.

Consult the Experts for Expandable Designs

Companies like Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings have experienced designers who are familiar with developing plans for future expansion.  With your vision in mind, they will work with you to develop strategies for a building that will meet your immediate performance demands without busting your budget.

Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings, headquartered in North Webster, Indiana, is a premier supplier and builder of post frame buildings. For four decades, Pacemaker has led the way in innovation, superior materials, creative techniques, and personalized design throughout Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

For more information and to view some past projects, visit the Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings website. If you have questions about designing your shop for future expansion, call the professionals at Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings at +1-888-834-4448.