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What is Post Frame Construction?

What-is-Post-Frame-ConstructionPost frame buildings are durable, economical solutions for just about any application. As the sophistication of materials and techniques have evolved, post frame construction has expanded. Post frame buildings are no longer just for agricultural purposes like barns and equestrian buildings. Now they are a viable option for municipal buildings, retail establishments, warehouses, schools, churches, and even private residences.

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How to Choose the Size of Your Post Frame Building


Determining how large your new post frame structure should be will depend on several different factors. The principal considerations will be the use of the building and what available land space you have to build on. These factors will help you choose the size of your post frame building.

For example, a warehouse or fire station will likely call for larger space needs than a workshop or typical horse barn.

Below are the main variables you will need to factor into your space calculations when planning for the size of your post frame building.

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Why Post Frame Buildings Stand Up to the Test of Time

Post Frame building standing the test of time with rainbow in the sky.

Post frame buildings are durable, practical, and economical. Whether you are planning a rural structure like a barn, shed, or equestrian center or an urban construction for a firehouse, vehicle garage, retail establishment, or warehouse, post frame buildings provide long-lasting reliable service.

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