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Busting Common Myths About Post Frame Construction


Common myths usually evolve from outdated information without any regard for more recent innovation and evolution. Post frame buildings today, once thought to be useful for only agricultural purposes, are built with state-of-the-art materials. Not to mention advanced design concepts and sophisticated building techniques now make them ideal for nearly any purpose. Let’s revisit and dispel common myths about post frame construction.

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Benefits of Post Frame Buildings for Farming


The effectiveness, practicality, and economy of post frame buildings are incomparable for agricultural uses. The design configuration offers advantages that other types of construction do not. The benefits of post frame buildings for farming are many.

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Lighting Options for Your Post Frame Building

Lighting options for your post frame building.Whether you are building a commercial, agricultural, or other post frame building, lighting plays an essential role in the functionality. It can also affect the safety of your new structure. Let’s explore lighting options for your post frame building.

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